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Trial Show is an extreme sport team, which dazzles people with Hungary’s best extreme sport athletes on different events.


Biketrial means going through obstacles with a special bike, without touching the ground with foot, only with jumps and sense of balance which defies gravity.


The essence of parkour is to reach a point during the shortest possible time, with the most beautiful style, furthermore with smooth, harmonious and spectacular movements. Besides that means climbing, jumping and flipping on rails, walls and almost anywhere.


A bmx flatland a vilag egyik legnehezebb technikai sportja. A szabadstílusú (freestyle) bmx-ezés egyik ága, ahol a kerékpáros egy keréken mutat be látványos akrobatikus mozdulatokat. A hazai bringásaink a világ élmezőnyében kiemelkedő ismertséggel és elismertséggel bírnak.

With the best extreme sportlers!

More than 10 years experience..

Hungary’s best sportlers’ and top world ranking competitors’ show even on Your event. Huge jumps.. spectacular tricks.. even above people? Leave all this to Trial Show to increase the excitement on  Your event.

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We wanted to shake up our popular monthly startup events with something speacial. The Trial Show team with András Végh’s leading kept us a show, that we were just amazed. „I cannot believe it” feeling was on everyone’s face. They even involved the audience. What made the event really uplifting, that there is a professional speaker in the team who enthused  the crowd and did it in two languages. Thank you TRIAL SHOW, since then Startup Wednesday has spread across the country.

Krisztián Szabó

StartITup Győr founder

Each year one of our most important purpose is, that to make the New Year period unforgettable. From time to time we would like to provide our guests the highest quality and special performances. It was no different in 2018, when we invited the Trial Show for the New Year’s Eve as a performer at our headquarters. During the cooperation, we experienced the utmost precision, professionalism and flexibility from András Végh. The production was a huge success and our guests also joined to the show as active participants.

Réka Tarczi

Spirit Hotel Sárvár *****

András Végh and his team have been returning stars of the UNO Motor Roadshow for years. Andras and his companions pursue a very extreme sport, which is why they are regular performers at our event. Their spectacular production, with its breathtaking elements captivates viewers. We highly recommend them, as they can be a fun, interesting spot for any event. We pay great tribute to their achievements.

Zoltán Kulacs

UNO Motor, M-UNO 2000 ltd.

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